Beyond Meat - Beyond Beef

SKU: 1000047
Size: 340g

Healthy and delicious, the Beyond Beef plant based ground is the perfect addition to your pasta sauce, tacos, chilli or meatball recipes. Beyond Beef is the first and only 100% plant-based product that is made without Gluten, Soy or GMO and delivers on its meaty texture and simulates the juiciness of ground beef using wholesome natural ingredients.

Beyond Beef satisfies meat-eaters and vegetarians alike and helps you incorporate nutritious ingredients into the meals that you love. Feel good about making healthy and sustainable choices while enjoying a delicious plant-based product the whole family will enjoy.
- Made with 100% plant based ingredients.
- Good source of protein: 18 grams per serving.
- No GMO's, Soy or Gluten.
- Less saturated and 35% less fat than Medium Ground Beef.
- Beyond Beef uses 90% less water, 93% less land, nearly 50% less energy and emits 90% fewer greenhouse gas emissions to produce than traditional Ground Beef.