San Pellegrino - Pomegranate & Orange

SKU: 1000488
Size: 6x330 ml

Sanpellegrino Pomegranate & Orange, Melograno e Arancia
Sparkling Fruit Beverage Made with Real Pomegranate & Orange Juice
Tart and refreshing with a delicately sweet finish, Sanpellegrino Melograno e Arancia (Pomegranate & Orange) Sparkling Fruit Beverage combines the bold flavor of pomegranate with sun-ripened oranges. This traditional Italian Beverage is made with orange juice, a splash of pomegranate juice, and delicate sparkling water. Melograno e Arancia has a revitalizing flavor that truly embraces the bubbly, carefree lifestyle of Italy. Simply peel back the foil cover on the can and enjoy the Life Deliziosa.