Oasis Morning Smoothie Strawberry Dragon Fruit

SKU: 1000621
Size: 1.36L

Blend of purées and juices from concentrate with whole pasteurized eggs, Greek yogurt, cereal, natural flavour and Vitamin C with the good taste of strawberry and dragon fruit. 14 vitamins and minerals. No sugar added.
Oasis Morning Smoothie: The morning essential!
These new Oasis Smoothie Plus beverages contain the nutritional goodness of whole eggs, plus Greek yogurt, cereals and delicious fruit purées with 14 vitamins and minerals all in one. It’s everything you need to satisfy your hunger and thrill your taste buds!

•4 morning essentials / 4 food groups in every sip (fruits, Greek yogurt, cereals, eggs)
•Rich in 14 vitamins and minerals naturally derived from ingredients
•Wholesome nutrients naturally from eggs and Greek yogurt
•No sugar added (only contains natural fruit sugar)
•5 g protein per 250mL serving
•Excellent source of Vitamin C - 100% of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C
•No artificial flavour or colour
•No preservatives
•Chilled product
•Recyclable container
•Product from Canada