Tonica Kombucha - Blueberry Glass Bottle

SKU: 1000654
Size: 355ml

Lightly carbonated, our raw enzyme rich kombucha base combines with anti-oxidant rich beauty-enhancing berries and flowers to get you glowing inside and out.

“Nature’s candy”, “king of anti-oxidants” or good old blueberries! These little berries pack a big punch, containing the highest anti-oxidant count of any commonly consumed fruit or vegetable. The multilple anti-oxidants found in blueberries protect against ‘bad’ cholestoral, age-related degeneration and the ability to reduce DNA damage which results in aging.

Tonica blends our raw fermented organic green, black & our favourite rooibos tea (which is packed with 50x more anti-oxidants than green tea, making it a super beauty ingredient and an effective measure to prevent premature aging) with a delicious array of fruits and flower petals containing their own immunity boosting properties: black currant, cranberry, apple pieces, elderberries, cornflower, and hibiscus petals