Tonica Kombucha - Peach

SKU: 1000661
Size: 1.1L

Peach Tonica is a fab skin tonic.

Lightly carbonated, our raw enzyme rich kombucha base combines with the hydrating properties of our peach extract, petals, leaves and herbs to promote a dewy, youthful glow.

Peaches have been shown to contain several minerals as well as Vitamin A & C, which play an active roll in regenerating skin tissue. Promoting collagen and reducing wrinkles are just a few of the reasons why this was a no brainer as one of the tonica family.

Tonica combines our enzyme rich organic kombucha base with our favourite rooibos tea (Rooibos is packed with 50x more anti-oxidants than green tea, making it a super beauty ingredient and an effective measure to prevent premature aging). Into that incredible brew we steep immune-boosting calendula petals, blackberry leaves and zesty ginger pieces.

This bright skin beauty blend is packed with live digestive enzymes as well as several strains of good bacteria and healthy yeasts which occur naturally in our raw, living kombucha