Johnsons Baby Gel N Aloe and Vitamin E

SKU: 506016
Size: 200ml

Johnson's Baby Oil Gel with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E helps provide moisture and nourish your baby's skin. Formulated for babies and great for relieving your dry, rough patches, this baby oil gel has a formula that's clinically proven to be mild and gentle on your baby's skin. Made with mineral oil and enriched with moisturizing aloe vera - known for its dry skin soothing properties, and vitamin E - a known skin conditioner, this gel locks in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin. It leaves your baby's skin soft and smooth. With a dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic formula, this baby oil gel is easy to spread, but isn't runny, so it's ideal for baby massage. This mineral oil gel is also ideal for soothing dry skin on toddlers, kids and adults.