Royale Bathroom Tissue - 8DR

SKU: 560016
Size: 8 Rolls

We’re partnering with animal shelters to help the over 100,000 pets taken in by Canadian shelters every year. Spend $20 on Royale products, upload your receipt and receive a $5 coupon. Plus, we’ll donate $5 to participating Canadian Animal Shelters up to $100,000. Toilet Paper Trusted by Canadians – affordable and kitten-soft, Royale Original has been trusted by Canadian families for over 50 years and will leave you feeling confident and clean. Royale – voted Canada's most trusted brand of tissue by shoppers via BrandSpark (2019). Royale Home for Every Pet Project - Royale has partnered with Canadian animal shelters through the Home For Every Pet Project to raise awareness and fund in-shelter care. Made in Canada – Royale is made in Canada by a Purr-oudly Canadian Company, and is made from processes that are SFI certified for eco-friendly and sustainable resource management