Royale Paper Towel - Tiger 2 Mega Rolls

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Size: 2 Rolls

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Strong paper towels for scrubbing everyday messes, even when wet. Thick and absorbent 2-ply towels for big spills. Strong when wet so it won't fall apart in your hand. Multipurpose, multi-surface sheets for everyday kitchen & household cleaning, food preparation, pet care, outdoor cleaning (barbeque, camping, picnics, birthdays, etc.), or any other on-the-go help you might need. Royale Home for Every Pet Project - Royale has partnered with Canadian animal shelters through the Home For Every Pet Project to raise awareness and fund in-shelter care. Made in Canada – Royale is made in Canada by a Purr-oudly Canadian Company, and is made from processes that are SFI certified for eco-friendly and sustainable resource management.