Allens Double Strength Cleaning Vinegar

SKU: 566027
Size: 2.5L

Allen's Cleaning Vinegar 2.5LT is a greener more natural cleaning alternative for your home. It's safe and affordable! Allen's Cleaning Vinegar is a more powerful natural cleaner with 10% Acetic Acid (double that of regular white vinegar), making it a more effective cleaner in removing stains; like in coffee Pots, tea kettles, etc.Like all vinegars, it is labeled as a food product and is safe to consume.Consumers see vinegar as environmentally friendly, economical, non-toxic, and safe around children! Safe, Effective, Affordable cleaner with double strength vinegar. Cleans kitchen countertops, tiles, appliances, floors, refrigerators and garbage cans. Cleans bathroom mildew, soap scum, mirrors, unclogs shower heads, and deodorizes drains