Tide Simply Lqd Laundry Det HE Free Gentle Daybreak Fresh 25L

SKU: 566106
Size: 1.18L

Tide Simply Clean and Fresh High Efficiency Liquid Laundry Detergent fights dirt and odours with 2x the power of baking soda laundry detergent (1). With the power of Tide, you only need one dose per load and no pre-treating is necessary. Tide Simply Daybreak Fresh is infused with citrus, herbal and floral notes for a fresh, clean scent in every load. Tide Simply Clean and Fresh targets tough odours deep in the fibers of your clothes, all at a great low price, so you don’t have to make any sacrifices. Compatible with both HE and standard washing machines, Tide Simply Clean and Fresh provides the consistent, quality clean you’ve come to expect from Tide. Tough on odours and easy on your wallet, it gives you the results you’re looking for. (1) stain removal of 1 dose vs. 2 doses of leading detergent with baking soda in a standard top loading machine.