Cadbury - Wunderbar

SKU: 471015
Size: 58g

The Cadbury Wunderbar is a peanut butter caramel duo, doing an intense tango while it mingles with some rich milk chocolate! Every bite of these substantially thick Canadian chocolate bars is divinely satisfying. You will not be left hungry or disappointed!
Wunderbar is actually a German expression meaning "wonderful", so this bar most definitely has the most perfect name! Although it does go by the name of "Starbar" in Ireland and Australia.
The Wunder Bar was invented by a sweet Canadian woman named, Linda Allison. She came up with the most amazing chocolate, caramel, peanut experience ever! The name of this chocolate bar says it all, it is truly "wunderful"!
Wunder Bar is a Cadbury Chocolate Bar that is made at the Cadbury Chocolate Factory in Toronto. It is one of the most popular Canadian chocolate bars.